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Founded by a fashion lover with a crazy passion for design and an eternal sucker of comfort. Monrow was started with the dream of making fashionable ladies shoes that not only look good but also feel good. Created as an ode to all those women who are the first ones to hustle their way up & the last ones to leave the dance floor, Monrow’s philosophy is to make shoes that travel along with you on your journey as a “Yay” partner  rather than being an “Ouchie” partner. Our first offering that comes together is Fashion & Comfort. This dream to create Monrow is now a reality thanks to the combined energies of our entire team!
We believe that “Team work makes dream work!” and it is true for us every single day as our team goes above and beyond to make sure Monrow runs seamlessly. Everything we do, we do with a huge smile on our faces as we all share the same combined passion as our founder - to make the most comfortable shoes ever!

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