Wearing Heels to Work - A Guide

Ever since heels came into existence, they have only attracted eyes and won hearts. Since women fell in love with this footwear, it has only branched and evolved. Most footwear collectors have had a special affinity towards heels. This immense desire and demand for the product have led to the formation of subcategories in the same. Amongst the different types of heels that are available, some of them are Ankle straps, Block heels, D'Orsay Pumps, Kitten heels, Mules, Platform heels, Stilettos, Spool heels, Wedges, etc. Although wearing heels for a long period is not advisable, women just cannot stop.

Since women took to heels, they have carried them everywhere. Nowadays, they have been made an essential part of the office attire as well. It is known to do for women what shirts and ties do for men. It can add a tinge of sexuality to the dress code. Heels can add confidence and vigor to the overall look and personality of a woman.  Women who wear heels give off an independent, superior, and intellectual aura. Heels can bring about a swing in the movement of women. Renowned Psychologist Paul Morris conducted a study that proved the same. According to his study, most men found women in heels extremely attractive and eye-catching.

Monrow has curate a unique collection of heels for your office wear. We understand how devoted you are towards heels. And we acknowledge it is an absolute necessity. But you need not be worried anymore. The following guide will help you glide through the world of heels and find your perfect fit.

  1. Comfort Comes First: Wearing heels to the office means wearing them for long periods. Therefore, you must practice diligence while choosing your perfect pair. Look out for the material of the shoe. Make sure it is made of soft materials such as textile or man-made leather. Keeping this in mind, Monrow curates its heels out of such soft materials to provide comfort to the wearer.
  1. Selecting the Right Size: Since heels add height to your body, you must find the right size for your feet. Oversized shoes may cause you to trip and incur injuries. Whereas, an undersized pair may cause extreme discomfort. This is why Monrow provides a variety of size options for their customers.
  1. Selecting the Right Height: Although heels come in overwhelming amounts of heights, an average height of 3.5 to 4.5 inches is preferred for workplaces. Monrow cares about your desires and designs heels within the given range to fit your specific needs.
  1. Selecting the Right Shape: Heels have different toe shapes. Therefore it is necessary to select the right one before buying. Heels with square, round, or almond-shaped can be considered appropriate for office wear. Subsequently, Monrow believes in practicing mindful designing of their footwear to provide lasting comfort and convenience.
  1. Selecting the Right Color: It is essential to choose footwear according to the mood. Therefore, heels to be worn at workplaces should have moderate colors. Keeping this in mind, Monrow’s collection of office wear shoes has neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, nude, etc. These colors are considered appropriate for office wear.



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