Wondering Whether to Buy Block Heels? Here are Few Points You Need to Consider

The argument for block heels is not one of aesthetics alone. Although this high-heel variant comes in super-fashionable variations, the block heel is more than just fashion.

Although we love the block heel look, there's so much more to love about it than just looking, and all this love justifies your next pair are splurging a little bit.

These are Heels with Which You can Walk All Day Long 

At Monrow, we love the look of our high heels, the extra height they offer us, and how they slightly alter the way we walk, but women have been looking for a way to make these shoes more comfortable since the first stiletto was manufactured.

With all the stiletto's advantages, something more is also provided by the block heel: comfort. They might not be your favorite fluffy slipper category, but are certainly more comfortable than your average stiletto.

Get better balance

In addition to the added comfort of a block heel, the advantage of balance is also present. Forget about walking all day on stilts and maybe twisting your ankle. Block heels have a greater surface area, so the balance is easier to maintain, ensuring that you don't have to worry about any humiliating falls.


Although a high price does not always guarantee the quality, we are certainly looking at buying a pair of block heels for women that will last longer than one season. Now that block heels are fashionable again., and we've 'walked a mile in these shoes.

Block Heels are Not a Fad of the Season

We love boots, and we love sandals, but what we love most is that we can wear shoes all year long. There are various kinds of block-heeled shoes, but the court shoe or pump is the most functional and probably the most common block heels you can also these online ladies' shoes.

Throughout the year, incorporating them into your wardrobe makes investing in a good pair of block heels an excellent idea. 

It's Still Cool to Wear Lower Heels

It takes a little bit longer to persuade the fashion community that your kitten heels are just slightly shorter stilettos than razzle-dazzle. While kitten heels are just little stilettos, technically and by definition, fashionistas around the world have always looked down on kitten heels.

 At Monrow, one of our favorite things about block heels is that they're stylish no matter your heel height.



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