Women and Their Undying Love for Heels

Ever since women fell in love with heels, there's been no turning back. Women first started wearing heels in the early 1500s after a lady named Catherine de Medici was seen wearing one. Heels were predominantly worn by the Persian warriors in the tenth century as it's significant structure helped the cavalry in getting a strong handle on their stirrup. From that point forward, heels had started being used as a picture of sovereignty, popular taste, and high status among men. Heels had a long evolving history among the kings and royalties of the time before they finally settled into the hands of women. In Europe, King Louis XIV introduced heels to his court as a royal accessory. By 1670 he had passed laws that stated that noblemen needed to wear heeled footwear. It was also stated that the higher and redder the heel, the more powerful the wearer. 

As heels have passed on through generations, they have evolved according to the likes and dislikes of people, specifically women. After women took to heels, men continuously decreased their use, making heels a purely feminine accessory. Women mostly wear heels due to the following reasons. 

  • Heels bring a sway in the walk of women which is considered attention-seeking and alluring by most men. Psychologist Paul Morris and his coworkers performed an experimental test that showed that women in heels are considered more attractive than those who are not.      
  • Heels are often a part of the office dress code. It has been a relevant sighting for offices to have made heels as a mandate. It is said that heels have a sexualized component to it, rather than a shirt and tie for a man.      
  • Heels symbolize power and confidence. Wearing heels have shown a considerable boost in confidence in several women during a popular survey.       
  • Heels give an image of dominance, intelligence, and independence to women. According to a study conducted by psychologists at the universities of Liverpool and Central Lancashire, pictures of taller women were marked as richer and more successful than their shorter forms. 
Monrow has come up with a collection of heels for women online that can be ordered from the comfort of your bed and delivered to your threshold. Their heels have are desirable, pocket-friendly, and are made of lightweight comfortable materials that contribute to a greener world as well. They produce various kinds of heels; namely block heels or wedges, kitten heels, and high heels.  
Kitten heel shoes are usually those that have a height of about 2 inches. They not only give a cute look to the wearer but also looks trendy and chic. They look best when accompanied by A-line skirts.  Block heels for womens also know as wedges, work as platform heels that increase the width of their vision alongside adding flair and flamboyance to their appearance. Since the average height of heels is about 3 inches, anything more than that is considered high heels. These heels are preferably worn to parties and occasions.  

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