Monrow's Innovation on Heels

Back in 7000 or 8000 BC when shoes were first discovered, they merely served the purpose of acting as a protection for feet against rocks and dust. But in the 21st generation, they have gone beyond their primary use and are mostly considered a piece of fashion and decoration. This change in the product has been affected by numerous factors including culture, climate, societal influences, etc. The elevation of the product from a need to luxury has had a huge impact on the buying patterns of the people. In today’s world, shoes are of various kinds; namely traditional shoes, heels, sandals, slippers, and boots. Curiously, heels that are so extraordinarily cherished by the ladies of the current period were never made for them in the first place.  
Heels were first worn by the Persian warriors in the tenth century. This assisted the mounted force get a solid handle on their stirrup. Since then, heels began being utilized as an image of royalty, trendy taste, and high status among men. During the 1500s ladies began wearing heels, before that they had just worn platform shoes. The first recorded high heel on a lady was worn by Catherine de Medici. Thereafter ladies have taken to heels like moths to a flame. 

Web-based shopping has progressively made shopping convenient, thereby making the lives of individuals simpler. Online shopping has brought with it changes in purchasing behaviors of individuals, mostly ladies. This is due to the following reasons:  

  • Large-scale availability of products.
  • Consumers have the privilege of choosing items from any part of the world and receiving them at their doorstep with a click of a button.  
  • More prominent opportunities to purchasers by guaranteeing that they can get what they need regardless of their geological area.

Monrow is a renowned shoe website with a skilled team of driven individuals. Post dissecting the needs and preferences of the ladies, they have concocted a scope of shoes in their online ladies shoes segment. This section consists of shoes with pocket-friendly prices and cutting-edge style. Well, there's more uplifting news for the women. Monrow's collection of women shoes online come with appealing offers periodically. Their decorated palate of designer shoes makes onlookers gape in awe. Their shoes are of various categories, namely; flats, wedges, ballet shoes and sandals, block heels, kitten heels, and sneakers.  

Monrow’s widespread catalog is extremely directed towards the whims and fancies of the target market. This is evident from their range of subcategories that range from size, style, colour, texture, occasion, and shoe specifications. Along with this, they host events and work towards the benefit of society in unique ways. Since women have more modest feet, it is difficult for the wide-feet to find variety in shoes. With their wide-feet collection of women shoes online, they solve this problem in mere minutes. Their dedicated black shoe collection gives them an edge over competitors. Therefore we can say that with Monrow at your disposal, you fall in love with shoes again.


  • john lucas

    Heels are one of the favourite shoes of Ladies. Online shopping has brought with it changes in purchasing behaviours of individuals, mostly ladies. Loved reading this!

  • Jonas Beier

    Great Post! Thanks for providing this useful information. I really like the post on the women’s heels.

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