Chic Ways to Style Your Summer Sandals

Shoes are no longer worn to depict class. They have now become an absolute necessity. The immense demand for footwear has also led to the branching of the same. Shoes are no longer restricted to flats and heels, they have evolved into various subcategories as well. The choice of footwear is directly related to the season. Different seasons require different types of shoes. For example, boots are for winters and slippers or sandals for summers. Similarly, leather shoes have low demand in rainy regions.

As soon as the heat rises and the summer sets in, we pull out our sandals and slippers and get ready to vibe with the season. Although some people feel that sandals aren’t classy, that isn’t the case. By pairing the right pair of sandals with your outfit, you can not only break stereotypes but also set new trends. Monrow’s latest collection of shoe aids you to do just that. However, there are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind.

  1. Pairing colors correctly: Always opt for shoes with vibrant colors when pairing with dark-colored outfits. Choose the alternative for a reversed scenario. With Monrow’s palate of exquisite sandals, you can have all the variety you want. Suppose you’re going for a stroll to the market. You have chosen a pretty denim midi dress and paired it with a hat. For the shoe, you would want to opt for the Aubriella grey flats from Monrow’s closet. This gorgeous pair will complement your look and make you feel super comfortable.
  2. Opting for the right height: Although it is a common notion that sandals are another name for flats, that isn’t the case. Sandals predominantly involve shoes that are more open and spacious. Therefore, while purchasing sandals, you must make sure to choose the right height. Monrow’s kitten heels are perfect for this occasion. They are spacious, comfortable and provide the perfect height for a casual look.
  3. Matching game strong: Remember to pair your accessories well. Despite being something of little importance, this is all that can make a difference. A casual summer day calls for a comfortable yet stylish outfit. A pair of embroidered earrings coupled with a pair of embroidered sandals from Monrow can uplift the look in mere seconds.

Selecting sandals for the summer is now a cakewalk with Monrow’s exquisite lineup of footwear. We hope these tips help you in finding the right pair of sandals this summer. 


  • Simarpreetkalra

    I need soft wedge sandal as i am flat foot.size is 40

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